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Why Do We Fall In Love (Based on the psychology of falling in love)

Why Do We Fall In Love? (Based on the psychology of falling in love)

Then abruptly she came out of a nearby store, nothing was uncommon and you were walking down the road and it happened that you fell in love at the first sight with her! Huhh!! What occurred?!!

The reply is simple, its all related to how your mind works. If you are single or currently not in a relationship then your mind will forever on a hunt for the long awaited partner. Even if you believe that you don’t care about relationships now you will fall in love with the first individual who matches your criteria.

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Why not someone else?

Each one of us has got some sort of a check list kept into his mind including the standards that someone must meet in order for you to adore him. If a man did not complement some of the items in this list then he becomes disqualified to be a prospective partner and you’ll think of him as a friend. The items in your check list are of course exceptional and special to you depending on beliefs, values, past experiences and your background.

The following is an example of a check list of a guy called Sam of the first three lines. Sam is his list starts with the next three states and a guy:

Item one: She must have the identical educational background as mine.

Item two: Her hair must be yellow (Sam always didn’t establish successful relationships with blondes in his past and so his subconscious mind comprised this item in his list as a way to help him compensate for his past failures)
Sam was not an assertive individual and since we get brought to those who have what we desire consequently this item was included by the thoughts of Sam in his standards.

Individuals usually are unaware of their subconscious standards and that is why love is usually described by them as a cryptic matter that follows no rules but the facts are that when they become aware of the subconscious criteria they will manage to understand why they fall in love with particular individuals and not others.

Once you become conscious of your own list you may understand just how to stop loving someone and how to make someone fall in love with you. (see the way to make someone fall in love with you)

Why do some people never recover from breakups
That is why folks who believe that the “the one” or the “soul mate” notion is accurate never recover from separations. Those people think that there’s only one match because of their standards in this world and because they’ren’t aware of the fact that there are hundreds of folks out there who could fulfill their criteria they never recover from break ups.

In my own novel “How to get over someone in few days” I said that one can fall in love with any individual provided that he matches your subconscious standards and that is why you shouldn’t feel bad after a breakup, simply because sooner or later you will find another individual who matches your standards and he may even be better in relation to the first one.

Does love at the first sight really exist?
If someone fulfilled your standards that are unconscious the exact same minute you saw him then most probably you’ll fall in love with him at the first sight.

You might be asking yourself, how can I know that he meets my standards while I never talked to him before? The reply is simple, the criteria might include things like the way he looks or walks, speaks at you.

This could also happen if the individual’s activities or looks reminded you of someone you loved before (people generally fall in love with those who find themselves similar to the ones they loved before).

If your standards depends greatly on looks then your potential for falling in love at the first sight will be much higher than that of an individual who gives higher priority to personality or other qualities. (For more details see Does love at first sight really exist?)