Halloween Party 2016

Halloween Games

I threw another kids Halloween celebration but I simplified it from a year ago. No stress is my new slogan (we’ll see how long that lasts;)

My neighbors helped us make invitations up and came over one day. I printed up the invites then had them tear paper for hair and eye brows out. Subsequently the children ran around and passed them out. My son adored that he got to make the invitations.

I kept decor super simple and the food. After all of the fun/fancy food this past year, the kids didn’t eat much so I did not put much outside. Let them decorate biscuits and I would have a sugar cookie station but once I saw Halloween cupcakes already decorated, for $12 with rings on top and walked before the celebration I was sold. Again, it was all about straightforward this year. I did make up some fun green foamy punch though. Big hit.

I let the children create something while we waited for everyone to arrive and put some toilet paper tubes, google eyes, markers, glue, pipe cleaners and other small things out.

We played with a few new games and I recycled some from this past year. Then we played hot potato.

I made a witch’s hat ring toss. I used a colored foam board for the foundation. Then I cut out circles and the tops of the hats from black poster board (you could easily use black party hats for the tops). I traced a party hat I ‘d to get the layout. My neighbor had the rings from a game but you could also use pool diving rings to chuck.

I purchased some fixings to chuck into my cauldron for “witch’s brew.”

We did the pin the nose on the witch last year that I made.

I had them figure how many there were and filled some recycled jars with candy.

And did a little mummy bowling with our bowling pins that are recycled. I taped google and gauze eyes and used a black foam pumpkin for the bowling ball.

I tried to get a group shot.

I sent everyone home with a Halloween ring pop and had prizes for the games. And no one cared. They only like to get together, play games and have a good time. I must recall tha more generally and not be so worried about creating things “just right” so I ‘ve great images to blog about! This year lesson learned: people just wish to have fun. They don’t need for that to occur you to stress out yourself.